Moved my blog from pelican to Hugo. Though there was nothing wrong with pelican as such, mostly I found a problem with my blog/theme not as update with pelican upstream. Hugo is a static site generator written by Steve Francia (@spf13). It is written in Go & amazingly fast to generate a site. Developing sites with hugo is kind of fun; running hugo in watch mode, you get to see the site as you write. »

Running Go ci tests in a docker

I’ve been toying around with the idea of using containers for running ci tests, primarily to have a quicker feedback loop; instead of setups that involve VMs etc. They are ideal for getting an environment up and running quickly and cheap to throw away too. A project which I’m spending some time lately go-ceph, which provides Go bindings for ceph/rados, kind of ideally fit the bill for using this, since testing this project locally, usually needed something like a VM running a ceph cluster, or a locally running ceph. »