Running Go ci tests in a docker

I’ve been toying around with the idea of using containers for running ci tests, primarily to have a quicker feedback loop; instead of setups that involve VMs etc. They are ideal for getting an environment up and running quickly and cheap to throw away too. A project which I’m spending some time lately go-ceph, which provides Go bindings for ceph/rados, kind of ideally fit the bill for using this, since testing this project locally, usually needed something like a VM running a ceph cluster, or a locally running ceph. »

Faster python builds in Travis with container based infra

Lately, travis CI has started supporting builds using container based infrastructure which run much faster due to more available resources and good use of caching. This is currently possible only for projects that don’t use sudo atm . For more details read this post. Of late, I have been submitting Pull Requests to various projects to use this feature wherever possible. This post is primarily oriented towards Python projects. For many python projects, a significant amount of time is spent in installing & building the dependencies. »