Caching pip packages using devpi & docker

If you’re using python packages & virtualenvs a lot, you can drastically speed up the time to setup your environment, (which mostly involves download of pip packages, which tend to be network intensive & time consuming) by caching pip packages. Similar to other caching proxies like apt, python has its own caching proxy in the form of devpi, which allows you to run a pypi mirror in your laptop. (devpi is much more than just a pip mirror, for more on its capabilities read the link)

Though running devpi by downloading the pip package is easy enough, running it permanently requires steps like configuring nginx etc. If you’re lazy, it is simple enough, to run it as a docker container, and configure your init system to start the container on system startup. Scrapinghub’s docker-devpi image makes it easy enough to get started. Running a devpi server is as simple as:

 $ docker pull scrapinghub/devpi
 $ docker run -d --name devpi -p 3141:3141 scrapinghub/devpi

Next configure your pip to pull from here. This is as simple as sticking the following line into your pip.conf (which should reside in ~/.pip/pip.conf, if there is no file, create it)

index-url = http://localhost:3141/root/pypi/+simple/

Next downloading a pip package will be mirrored, trying to install it again (even in other virtualenvs) should be almost instantaneous.

Since the docker container was already started with a name parameter, this container can be restarted next time simply by doing a docker start devpi. Of course this can be easily handed off to your init system. If you’re using Ubuntu <= 14.04, the relevant upstart script would be something like /etc/init/devpi-docker.conf with contents similiar to below. After adding the script, you would have to do an initctl reload-configuration for upstart to see the script.

description "Devpi Docker"
author "You"
start on filesystem and started docker
stop on runlevel [!2345]
  /usr/bin/docker start devpi
end script

After this doing a sudo start devpi-docker would start the devpi docker container. Also this should be picked up by default when your system starts.