I'm Back (the hyperbole version)

This is the quintessential “I’m back” post in blogosphere, which is often marked by a blogger coming up with imaginative reasons to explain a questionable absence from the virtual world. Tempting explanations for, not writing for so long, include work pressure, often marked by people blaming work for (not) following their interests, a generic term, which, writers & artists lovingly call the writer’s block, to describe their shortage of creativity. Of course, if you know me, you know the actual reason is just a cover up for not mentioning my often recurring theme of procrastination. This time though twitcrastination1 is to blame for most of it.

Of late, I have found a new obsession for (micro) blogging in form of twitter, a service, which apparently, lets you post links to instagram dinner pics, helps people to connect to people and organisations they care about. However, what happens in reality is explained in part by the graph below.(A certain Gauss must be twisting & turning in his grave here, for the blatant abuse of normal distributions that is about to follow 2):


Seeing the world’s desire to shorten its verbosity, and the disturbing increase in TL;DR statuses, I am thinking of killling my blog to embrace the merry little challenges of microblogging. Why should anything stand the test of time and be etched in stone? Its 2013, ephemeral (like twitter statuses) is the way to go for your thoughts and actions

twitterati obsessively uses to explain their apparent lack of productivity stats, XKCDify any matplotlib graph; details here and source here

  1. Procrastination enabled by use of twitter, a term which the [return]
  2. XKCD plots, the cornerstone of any descriptive [return]