Static site generators & Everything else

This post lists the details of my blog, which is powered by gh-pages and pelican. In short another guy puts up his blog at GitHub and blogs about it. It initially started as a Lorem Ipsum content while I was testing out my rough and edgy pelican theme. You have been warned! Welcome to the new avatar of my blog which is powered by pelican, just another static site generator. »

Hello World

If you’re reading this, it means that I have successfully started blogging again. As the more perceptive of you might have realized, this blog isn’t hosted at blogger anymore well this new avatar is powered by pelican, an awesome static blogging engine written in python and served by github pages, (of course the second part should be intuitionally obvious, given the url atm). While the sabbatical from blogosphere has been long, it was more because of lack of anything to post rather than too busy to post anything, and now I’m back from a questionably long self-imposed exile. »