Faster python builds in Travis with container based infra

Lately, travis CI has started supporting builds using container based infrastructure which run much faster due to more available resources and good use of caching. This is currently possible only for projects that don’t use sudo atm . For more details read this post. Of late, I have been submitting Pull Requests to various projects to use this feature wherever possible. This post is primarily oriented towards Python projects. For many python projects, a significant amount of time is spent in installing & building the dependencies. »

2014: the year in books, using Goodreads, pandas & Hy

Note: The content has been updated to reflect the new kwargs style in Hy, as such the snippets only work with the current Hy master As 2014 is coming to a close, I thought it would be a nice time to review the year as far as reading was concerned. Since I track the books I read using Goodreads, I felt it would be an interesting experiment to see some numbers from Goodreads. »

Pelican updated!

It has been a significant time between the posts. This time the reason moslty being me lazy enough not to fix the blog after a pelican update. Surpisingly though there wasn’t much of a change required other than tweaking a couple of configuration variables & renaming the pelicanconf file. Hope to start blogging again soon. This time for real and hopefully more tech posts. C ya :) »

I'm Back (the hyperbole version)

This is the quintessential “I’m back” post in blogosphere, which is often marked by a blogger coming up with imaginative reasons to explain a questionable absence from the virtual world. Tempting explanations for, not writing for so long, include work pressure, often marked by people blaming work for (not) following their interests, a generic term, which, writers & artists lovingly call the writer’s block, to describe their shortage of creativity. Of course, if you know me, you know the actual reason is just a cover up for not mentioning my often recurring theme of procrastination. »

The Silent Observer's Metamorphosis

My friend, Jinto, wrote a blog-post titled Transitioning from learners to observers, which talks about the increasing transition from a learner to being a casual observer of things in this digital era. The availability of a wide range of tools these days to do almost anything, has slowly reduced the need to learn, a very valid observation. While the usefulness of tools is great, it might fail miserably when you want things certain way, and the tool may not be designed for that. »