Hello World

If you’re reading this, it means that I have successfully started blogging again. As the more perceptive of you might have realized, this blog isn’t hosted at blogger anymore well this new avatar is powered by pelican, an awesome static blogging engine written in python and served by github pages, (of course the second part should be intuitionally obvious, given the url atm).

While the sabbatical from blogosphere has been long, it was more because of lack of anything to post rather than too busy to post anything, and now I’m back from a questionably long self-imposed exile. And life has been relatively smooth in the interlude,(though my last post was from college, which I dearly miss now) and I’m a graduand now with a job going along just fine and learning new things in the process.

While I’m still in the process of importing previous posts and comments from blogger (read I am yet to decide whether the pain is worth it or not), you should have fun reading the blog with its current content which should be narcissistic links to me-pages. You should be seeing proper posts being pushed into this url soon.

If you have read upto this point, I would urge you to take the leap of faith, and follow my alter-egos in the parallel universes of twitterati and blogosphere.